Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Builds

Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Builds

For months we have witnessed bidding wars and tactfully executed pocket listings from our colleagues on the resale side. Take the stress out of home buying – build a custom home with Grandfather. Over the past decade we have been able to streamline the complex process, creating a simplified approach that makes building your new home an enjoyable process.

  • Does Grandfather Homes have plans available? Can I sit with an architect?
    • Custom clients have the opportunity to choose a Grandfather Homes plan, modify it to fit their needs, or meet with one of our design partners to draw a brand new plan. To view our floor plans, contact our sales team with your criteria so they can narrow down your search.
  • How long does the custom build process take?
    • This largely depends on the planning phase, which relies on whether you choose a Grandfather Homes plan (approximately 30 days with no modifications, approximately 60 days if modification is necessary) or start a brand new plan (subject to architect’s availability). Once the lot is prepped (30-45 days), the actual build process takes 8-10 months.
  • How are the home’s interiors selected? Do I have the opportunity to choose finishes and fixtures?
    • Grandfather Home’s featured designer, Tammy Coulter, will guide you in choosing your personalized selections – exterior finishes, interior paint colors, flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, and more.
  • Does Grandfather Homes have lots available? Can they help me find a lot? Can they build on a lot I already own?
    • We currently have access to lots in Cotswold and Myers Park. If these do not meet your interest, we can you up on a lot search. We can also build on a lot you have already purchased.
  • Can Grandfather Homes assist me with finding a construction loan? 
    • We would be happy to! Our recommended lenders specialize in construction loans.

We utilized our experience and expertise to organize custom builds into a seamless progression of events:


(Aug 23, 2016)