Dan has a passion and enthusiasm for building that began at an early age. Fresh out of high school, Dan began working for a construction company. His innate love of building was apparent from the beginning, when he took it upon himself to learn all the trades of the professionals he worked with. People have been impressed with Dan ever since.

Hailing from the Northeast, Dan had the great pleasure to work on some of New York City’s most iconic buildings during their renovations. From the precedent setting Ford Foundation Building, to the historic Grand Central Station, and Manhattan’s landmark Municipal Building, Dan has a scope and knowledge of building that carries over to every project he is involved with.

Dan and his wife moved to Charlotte in 1995, where he has used his talents for residential construction locally, including award winning projects for the National Association of Remodeling Industry, and the Home Builder Association. Dan has renovated many homes in Charlotte, including 3 of his own.

During Dan’s spare time, you may find him on the golf course, gardening in his yard, traveling, or maybe in his kitchen honing his culinary skills.