Grandfather Homes to debut new concept in Charlotte (PHOTOS)

Grandfather Homes to debut new concept in Charlotte (PHOTOS)

Below is an exert from an article, written by Jen Wilson at the Charlotte Business Journal (May 27, 2015):

“Local custom homebuilder Grandfather Homes is bringing a touch of West Coast style to the Charlotte housing market.

The company has recently launched construction of its first duet in the city’s Dilworth neighborhood — a concept that is new for Grandfather Homes as well as the local market, the company says, though it is common in California.

Duets feature two individually owned homes in a single structure — similar to both a duplex and a townhome but with its own distinctions:

“A duplex is two residences under one roof with common ownership, whereas these duets are more like two-unit townhomes — from both a legal and lifestyle standpoint. Each home is owned individually,” Matt Ewers, president of Grandfather Homes, says in a news release. “It’s a way of maximizing land use, and a potentially profitable and flexible option for Realtors.” And unlike many townhomes, units have only one shared wall…”

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