Since 2006, Grandfather Homes has completed more than $200,000,000 in transactions including more than 300 homes with an average square footage of 3,500 SF. The heart of our success lies with unparalleled ambition and long-term aspirations that have guided us through various real estate markets. We have been fortunate to assemble long term relationships with capable designers, consultants, investors, and lenders that truly understand the Grandfather Homes’ vision. This vision consists of identifying desirable land opportunities and designing vertical structures to compliment that specific piece of property, which allows the land and structure’s profitability to be maximized regardless of market trend. This meticulous process takes a commitment to research and development, but ultimately raises the standard of quality from the existing homes in the area to a solid deal for an exceptional home to potential buyers.


We understand the importance of uncovering and leveraging the opportunities Charlotte has afforded us with lenders and investors alike. It is our duty to amplify the assets in which are entrusted in us. If you’d like to be considered as one of our financial partners, we’d be happy to explore that opportunity with you.


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