Grandfather Homes Premiers New “Duet” Concept!

Grandfather Homes Premiers New “Duet” Concept!

Grandfather Homes is pleased to announce the debut of our most recent project, The Fountain Duets at Mattie Rose! The Duets will feature two individually owned homes in a single structure — similar to both a duplex and a townhome but with its own distinctions. Duet Homes and duplexes are often confused with each other since both involve two attached residential units connected by one shared wall. The difference, however, lies in the ownership. While a duplex is more of a multi-family home in which there are multiple attached living units that are bought and sold together, a Duet is bought or sold separately.

With only one shared wall, the structures are designed and built to enhance each resident’s privacy, creating the feel of a single-family home but with conveniences often associated with multifamily living. It’s a concept that is likely to appeal to empty-nesters who prefer a smaller, low-maintenance home as well as single professionals or two-income families without children.

Grandfather Homes currently has two separate Duet projects underway in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.

  • The Ideal Duets – Located at the corner of Springdale and Ideal Way.
  • The Fountains at Mattie Rose – Located at the 800 block of Ideal Way.


These two great concepts will be within walking distance to some of the best dining and shopping in South End Charlotte and will be close to the new Dilworth Neighborhood Garden. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about the benefits and conveniences of our two Duet projects.

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(Jun 16, 2015)