A unique village of 21 custom built residences. This prestigious new development spans across 8 1/2 acres behind Trinity Presbyterian Church off Providence Road. It’s the intersection of 5 neighborhoods that have built Charlotte’s heritage: Cotswold, Providence Park, Foxcroft, South Park and Myers Park.


Meaning – Clear. Derived from the adjoining street, montclair.



Inspired by the church. Symbolic of the neighborhood interchange.



A unique village of custom-built homes, adjoining Charlotte’s heritage with progressive design.


A custom home is the intersection of a long-held dream. ClairCross affords homeowners with the unique position to design a personal retreat. We will sit down with you and extract your vision to enable our team of designers and builders to actualize your dream from concept to reality.

Lot 1 – Carsley Duet
2 Duet Homes Available
Starting at $1,340,000
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Lot 2 – Custom Home
Under Contract
Lot 3 – Custom Home
Under Contract
Lot 4 – Myers
Under Contract
Lot 5 – Custom Home
Under Contract
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