Custom Build Process

Your custom home is
more than an expression
of an extraordinary life.

It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to move beyond the conventional, leaving aside limits and preconceptions.

We design and build on the belief that a home must be inhabited by surprise and delight. Never static, because it is form, space and flow given momentum by imagination.

Our process is designed not to constrain so much as direct: your assurance that your team is focused on excellence while always being attentive to moments for “what if.”

Mastery in building unites the material with the power of the immaterial: introspection, balance and serendipity, for instance.

Welcome home.

The custom build process

Planning Phase
30-360+ days
  • Sign Professional Services Agreement
  • Develop/Finalize Plans & Specs
  • Finalize Cost Summary & Construction Schedule
  • Initiate Construction Funding or Financing
pre-construction phase
30-60 Days
  • Sign Purchase Agreement
  • Close Construction Loan or Allocate Funds
  • Choose Stage #1 Selections
  • Architectural Approval is Obtained
  • Pre-construction Meeting
  • Homesite Review & Initial Grading
12-24 Months
  • Choose Stage #2 & #3 Selections
  • Rough Mechanical & Electrical Review
  • Choose Stage #4 & #5 Selections
  • Hardscape & Landscape Review
  • Final Touch-Ups
closing phase
2-4 Weeks
  • Obtain Final Certificate of Occupancy
  • Polish & Quality Inspections
  • Attend Home Orientation
  • Final Home Acceptance Review
  • Close on Home & Move In
Create Your Own

The more you are like yourself, the less you are like anyone else.

Walt Disney