Adam Schooler


Adam has worked in the construction industry, both in residential and commercial, since 2001. In practice, he started building when he was in the fifth and six grade when his father and grandfather built their custom home in Loudoun County Virginia on an old horse farm. At the time he was more interested in taking scraps of material and building bird houses, but the interest and passion of building stuck.

After earning a degree in professional writing from Emerson College, and a law degree from New England Law, he worked for years in Silicon Valley California. Over the years it was residential construction that kept coming to the forefront of his interest.

Adam and his husband have remodeled five homes in Charlotte’s Fourth Ward neighborhood. In 2001, he left the high tech computer industry to throw himself full time into his passion of building. He’s worked on residential high-end remodels and new home construction. He is excited about being part of the Grandfather Homes team with their quality design and superior craftsmanship.

Adam S