Grandfather Homes Plans 15 Bungalows Near Marsh Road

Below is an exert from an article, written by Susan Stabley at the Charlotte Business Journal (Aug 6, 2013):

“Charlotte-based Grandfather Homes may take over a 15-unit subdivision of single-family homes in the Clawson Village neighborhood that stalled more than five years ago.

Modern Dwellings won a rezoning in July 2006 to build out 15 lots on 3.6 acres across from the intersection of Little Hope Road and Urban Place near Marsh Road.

The subdivision was to include a road that would run beside the home of William Givens. Lots would also be built behind Givens’ house, which he had built in 1972.

Givens and his wife, Vernice, supported the project but chose not to sell their home. Givens, 84, was born on the land that is now known as the Clawson Village neighborhood, formerly his family’s farm. His mother was a Clawson and the family sold the property in 2007 for the future development of homes, he says.
But years passed and the project never came to fruition. Vernice came home from church recently and saw a new rezoning sign on the overgrown site.

Grandfather Homes filed the petition for a new rezoning change for the site. The number of lots will stay the same, but Grandfather Homes plans detached houses in the bungalow or Craftsman style, according to a filing with the city.”