12 Carports That Are Actually Attractive

Below is an exert from an article, written by Deanne Revel at the DIY Network (Feb. 26, 2018):

“Carports get a bad reputation, but these porte-cocheres and carports incorporate style with design for Pinterest-perfect curb appeal. If you’re looking to update your carport, check out these driveways first for inspiration…

(photo 5 of 12) Traditional Style Porte-Cochere – Grandfather Homes designed this porte-cochere to mimic the traditional design of the home—complete with columns and Colonial lanterns.

(photo 10 of 12) Porte-Cochere With Archways – Grandfather Homes designed this porte-cochere with the same arched design as the home’s front windows. Instead of jutting out to the side of the home, the structure is nestled directly under the same roof—blending in seamlessly from the driveway.”