As Featured In Luxury Home Magazine: Expert Profile On Grandfather Homes

Thank you for the feature, Luxury Home Magazine! Below is an except from the Q+A with Matt Ewers, GFH Owner/President:

{LHM} Where do you draw your inspiration from? What are your key influences?
{GH} I draw a lot of inspiration from my family. As a young boy, I was always fascinated with my dad’s architectural work. He would often tell me and my siblings to never be afraid to be different. His silent confidence has always been reassuring and motivating; his perseverance is rather infectious.

{LHM} In what way do you think your clients would characterize you?
{GH} Innovative, willing, enthusiastic, positive can-do attitude. We have a strong desire and ability to create and build a unique yet timeless home. When both sides continue to be excited about the projects years after completion – that’s a successful transaction.

{LHM} What do you think makes you unique in your field?
{GH} Our willingness to encourage change when it enhances the project. Many times, the most inspiring ideas evolve with patience and perseverance. I once had a client compliment their Project Manager by saying “that man pours with pride and passion.” It is our job to embrace each project to ensure each home is as unique as its homeowners.

{LHM} What are you working on next?? 
{GH} We are wrapping up land development for The Towers at Mattie Rose, an 18-unit duet and triet community in Elizabeth. The first few homes will start construction in January 2017. We have been invited to participate in Cramer Pond, a new neighborhood in close proximity to Charlotte Country Club. We’ve also been selected as the builder for a new South Charlotte development, Bonwood. Oh, and possibly a top secret townhome conversion of a local historic building. Stay tuned!