Condo, Duplex Project Planned For Dilworth Site

It’s been hard to contain our excitement, but thankfully the Charlotte Business Journal let the cat out of the bag on our latest endeavor! Rockwell Capital, headed by RE/MAX Exclusive Investment Specialist Julie Lowe, has partnered with Thomas Moore of TPM Properties in hopes to rezone a 2.7 acre site in Dilworth for a 16-duplex and 45-unit condo building. The proposed project will be bordered by Atheron Street, Euclid Avenue, and Marshall Place, in close proximity to shopping and dining on South Boulevard.

Where does Grandfather fit in? Lowe has extended an invitation to us to build 8 sets of our popular duet properties! If the rezoning is approved, all 16 units will be built along Marshall Place to compliment the sequence of single-family homes across the street. “We are excited Grandfather Homes has agreed to partner with us on this project and in our efforts,” Lowe states, “they are a talented, creative group of individuals who are passionate about their work.”

Charlotte City Council recently denied a rezoning request from a national home builder, stating that they wanted to stay consistent with Dilworth land use and streetscape. The new venture values constructive conversation with the Dilworth Community Association and nearby neighbors to negotiate plans that will reflect Dilworth’s character and integrity. This is why Grandfather Homes is the ideal builder for the job. Lowe acknowledges, “Grandfather will bring a product of quality and craftsmanship that will reflect the architectural history Dilworth is known for. “ Grandfather’s business model was built on “Lasting value, timeless tradition.” We support projects that not only encourage historic preservation but stimulate the neighborhood’s economic vitality. Our duet homes are a sustainable approach to thoughtful growth, which will ultimately enhance the quality of life in the community. The duet concept has already been widely received in Dilworth – the pioneer set on Ideal Way sold before framing was complete. The nearby Fountain Duets are now available for pre-sale, and one is under contract.

We cannot wait to hear back from the Charlotte City Council and Dilworth Community Association to collaborate and learn more as to how we can enhance new development. Keep your fingers crossed and check back to our website for more updates! (Dec 11, 2015)

*Above rendering subject to change. Consult working drawings for actual dimensions and information. Elevations are artist’s conceptions.