Grandfather Homes Builds A Castle In Eastover

Below is an exert from an article, written by Corey Miller at QC Exclusive (Feb 7, 2018):

“In this Grandfather Custom house-on-the-hill, fairytale visuals meet contemporary sensibilities.

“Grandfather strives to forecast and build dream homes,” says Ewers. “There is always a vision: Who will be living in the home? What is their lifestyle and personality? What does their family need and want?”

With a naturally sloping yard and an expansive property, this home looks as if it was pulled from the pages of a modern fairytale to rest on an Eastover hilltop. Working with renowned architect and designer Greg Perry, Grandfather Home president Matt Ewers had the vision to create a space that fit with the sophistication of Eastover while also standing apart with its own unique architecture…”