Living In Comfort: A Grandfather Homes Custom Living Room

Below is an exert from an article, written by Sunny Hubler at QC Exclusive (October 15, 2017):

“Grandfather Homes is the Charlotte-based builder behind some of the most eye-catching custom homes in our area. The clients for this Foxcroft Woods home were looking to design a space with sophisticated style and contemporary comfort. Grandfather assembled a team that could combine these two elements and that would create a space that actually made sense for their family of 6.

They brought out the vision in each room, but managed to truly capture the ambiance in this living room space. The comfort of multiple seating options and the open space allow the whole family to congregate, and the large fireplace creates a focal point for the room. All in all, it’s a comfortable living area accompanied by a classic Grandfather-style upscale aesthetic…”