The Heirloom at Mattie Rose



Standing on Charles Avenue over one hundred and twenty years ago, Charlotteans were surrounded by rolling farmland. A group of investors in early 1903 transformed the surrounding acres into Charlotte’s first textile mill, Highland Park Manufacturing. Stuart Cramer designed the state-of-the-art mill along with the surrounding village of homes and a future village square.
Today, Charles Avenue is a pedestrian-friendly street idyllically located near restaurants and shopping on bustling North Davidson. Nine lots remain incredibly untouched and undeveloped. Our vision is to honor the modest history of the mill district while in tandem introducing radical new concepts like Cramer did all those years ago.
Heir: inheriting and continuing the legacy of a predecessor Loom: an apparatus for making textiles by weaving thread together Heirloom: something of special value handed down from one generation to another Heirloom is an artfully designed village of custom homes that began with a textile mill. Fast forward 120 years, Grandfather Homes is weaving together its heritage with progressive design. Let’s build upon Charlotte’s history together.